By: Dave From Memphis

Ole Nell was a teacher 'till she went out west,
she went out there 'cause she liked fuckin' best.

She had a reputation in this here town,
that no three men could hold her down.

'Till across the alley from Bare Ass Creek,
came this half-breed Injun, named Piss Pot Pete.

He stretched his dick out on the bar,
---it stretched by gar from here to thar.

Now old Nell knew she had met her fate,
for to back out now was too damn late.

She had never seen such a tremendous cock,
the expression on her face was one of great shock.

The ground was plowed for miles around,
where old Nell's ass had hit the ground.

They rumbled and they tumbled and the dust really flew,
this was the fuck of the century, her last great screw.

He tits were sore, her ass was red,
the head of his cock nearly rammed her head.

She blew him, sucked him and swallowed his load,
when he let go in her mouth she thought her head would explode.

She did all she could to get him to stop cumming,
but his balls were still unloading and a song he kept humming.

He sang of a time when the buffalo ran
and there was just no pussy to satisfy a man.

He had learned as a youth how to hump and to screw,
they say he was from the tribe knowns as Sioux.

They were well known for their ability to hunt,
so they rode the range in search of cunt.

So if buffalo is all that they could find,
the buffalo doesn't care what gets shoved up their behind.

A fuck is a fuck, no matter what,
a buffalo pussy feels like a twat.

Nell gave that Injun one hellofa ride,
he thought her pussy hair felt like buffalo hide.

His balls were huge, and his cock was thick,
some said it was a hard as a hickory stick.

Piss Pot Pete had fulfilled her dreams,
a trail of hot cum ran down her jeans.

She eventually ran out of cum and no longer could fuck him,
so she spent the rest of the day content to just suck him.

His juice was sweet and she swallowed every drop
and as the sun set in the west, he decided to stop.

Her claim to fame had met its match,
her lover had cum all over her snatch.

The crowd that witnessed that historic day,
still tell the story in a most respectful way.

Nell and Pete are history now, but always remember,
that Pete's huge dick never once got limber.

The buffalo is long since gone from the plains,
but the tale of Pete and Nell will always remain.

And so in memory of this great whore,
we hung her bloomers on the shit house door.