Sexual Poetry by N. Madden

Yep B-B-BE ... JESUS

Johnny's first blowjob arrived one smokey neon evening
courtesy of a fine young black prostitute
shortly after his 18th birthday
in a dark redlight district downtown
a block over from Main Street
(just a few miles from the hospital where he had been born)
"10 and 2" she told him and his buddy
through the car window at the curb
10 bucks for the screw, 2 for the room,
another 2 for a "french," cash upfront so
in a tiny backroom
of an ancient buggy little hotel
Johnny pressed his naked white suburban butt
into semen-stained bedsheets
and watched her as she cupped his balls in her hand,
took his pink penis into her mouth
and even if she did keep her bra on
gave him such a sensation
warm lips enfolding him with her tongue
just a tingle squingle wanna leak
luxuriously blowing him up cheek by gum
into a man the size of King Fucking Big Tiger Kong
and melting a pure pleasure point
at the center of his brain
always and forever molten
then that all too brief kazow of a kiss (ended)
and she leaned back,
spread her legs
taking him
(unprotected, young and stupid)
into her darkness where
Johnny surrendered to the wonderful warm wrapping wetness
while surging rhythms built to climax
"hurry up" she said,
so Johnny pressed her over stuffed breasts,
breathed deeply her saharan
scented skin,
concentrated and sweetly squirted his teenage seed
into that strange young woman's womb,
as he dressed
he watched his lover douche his load
splat onto the wooden floor
the best she could
he just leaned against the wall waiting
for his buddy in the next room
getting his own dick sucked
so by way of pointless conversation
Johnny mentioned to her something about why you doing this
"got to take care of my baby"
baby? a kid?
"no. my baby. my honey"
baby turned out to be a large precisely tailored black man
who stood in the doorway
glancing at the street ...
"all clear" he said with a big smile
"come again fellas"
back at the car they found that someone
had broken in
and cleaned out the glove compartment,
left the wallets empty
on the drive home Johnny reckoned
that he
take your pick
paid for un-prophylactic pussy
fucked a whore
perhaps shamelessly exploited a poor woman
Johnny really liked to think that he had
got out on a no-frills thrill
loving a luscious lady of the nameless night
at least
consorted with a goddess

All material copyright 1997 N. Madden