A Taste of Heaven

trickle of
liquid, oozes out from
the tip of your hard smooth cock.
I put it there. Well, indirectly I am
responsible. It was my hand rubbing against
it as you sucked on my
taunt nipples, leaving
them the same way I
have left your cock,
hard, erect, sensitive,
and wanting so much
more, that allowed this
small pool of cream to
wait for my tongue to
gently lick it away and
caress the rest of your
shaft and your cleanly
shaven balls with its soft
warmth. As I lower my
head towards your throbbing
manhood, I moisten my lips
with my tongue. My soft wet
lips part to allow my tongue
to slide between them and give
my tastebuds their first flavor of
you. My tongue meets with the
creamy liquid drop and laps it into
the warmth of my mouth. Your taste
is that of salty sweet mana from heaven.
Your skin is hot and smooth. Your smell is
musky and sweet. I slide you farther into
my mouth, my tongue darting across your
width from side to side. I take as much of
your hard cock into my mouth as I can.
My hand reaches for your balls and softly
teases the sacs between my fingertips.
I slide your cock in and out of my
mouth as I massage your balls. A
few stroke later, I am rewarded
with streams of that heavenly
taste of your hot cum.

To Run With You!

I want to run with you.
Not with the bulls in Spain,
And not to the ends of the Earth,
But rather
With you to the edges of reality.
To that place
Where reality and fantasy
Are but a heartbeat apart…
Where light becomes dark
And dark becomes light…
Where two become one…
Where the line
Between pleasure and pain
Is blurred…
And the line between
Love and hate is obscure…
Where mind, body and spirit merge…
That place you can't quite get to
By yourself…
No stranger can take you there
Because they can't understand…
Only a friend, someone who
Cares about you…
Someone you trust…
Can accompany you to that place…
It's a place where
Want and need collide…
It's where I want to be with you.
You, my friend, my love, my master.
Where we suck and fuck
All through the night.
I want to run with you my dear,
Through pleasure's door
And the gates of heaven.
We have been there before
And it has left me desiring more.
Take me there again.
Take me with you.
Let us run!

Please, master, please!

Let us run!

The Time Has Come

The time has come it seems
To set a new direction
To stay and fight for what we have
Or simply let it go.

What ever lies ahead
Whatever patch we choose
No matter what I've said
I'm still loving you.

You are someone special
In my life today
No matter what may happen
That will never go away

No, my life's not perfect
I'm sure it will never be
But darlin' I want you to know
What you mean to me.