Poems by Luann Livelsberger


She sits at her window looking out into the darkness.
Realizing that it is her heart and soul at which she is gazing.
How dark and lonely it is without the presences of a Master.
Someone she can fuck and serve.
How her very soul longs to belong to someone.
To a man that will give her the love,
Security and guidance that she needs.
She longs to have a man by her side
Who will bring out her submissiveness.
A man who can feel the passion that she has,
As she servaces and pleases him.
A Master who can make her weaknesses,
Strong and make her passion soar.
Rise into the darkness of her
Very soul until she finds that glowing light,
Like the glow of the full moon on a clear night.
Then she realizes that even when her Master
Is not by her side, but the glow is still there.

She sits and looks out into the darkness
And gazes upon the glow within her hungry cunt.