Poems by Nick Kramer

In one hot steamy flash
the girl in red felt the rush
of hot steamy love up her soft cunt
her clit was hard and so was he
she looked in his eyes
and knew she was making him happy
her nipples gre with every minute
they both knew theyd have to end it
the juices of love all around
the smell of sex filled the town
In a jolt of passion and bliss
the sounds from around were screams
the towns people couldnt miss
as everyone gatherd about to see the mess
two lovers layed twisted and spent
peple clapped and cheared with glea
as the site remided them of there dream
to have sex in a forbidden scene
it was raunchy and yet exquiset
to see the the white and pinkish dream
that night in the town
everyone messe around
with nieghbors and friends all in joined
for the towns biggest orgy they all filled with joy