Sexual Poetry by Hoshimara

Expressions from Hoshi's Dungeon !

Too much clothes!!!
Tight ropes on crotch
Should be topless
Or turn her around!
Rip the tight panties off
Normally tied
No knots
More tight!
Lovely...simply lovely!!!
Looking up at you!
Ich liebe diesen HALTZ
I would love to pull those panties off and fuck her good!
I love cunt torture
I especially like the unique perfect placement of the rope
Between the legs
Just in the right spot
Good ropes
Not too much clothing.
Better if nude.

Vibrator does not look nice
Very good
This has got to hurt
Very good!
That's it!!!
That should be my prick up her ass
Suspend her
So full!
She realy got it
But, the right leg is free
Now you've got something going.
Fucked with two dildoes!
No cunt showing
More please!
I like this look !
I like the dildos
I like her brillant legs
I bet she is feeling it deep inside
A bit dark

Where are my clamps?
Very simple
She has an ugly body
To ugly
This posture is not hard as it looks
She looks like it really hurts.
So hurt her more!
She can't yell for help
She's ready for fun
Passionate tension.
No obvious pain.
Instead of a rope in her mouth she should have a special thing in it
Something she would taste good !
I Like the look of pain
I can feel her pain!!!
How about some painful pics
Good ropes !
Good rope bondage
Fuck the fat bitch
But still I would like to screw her raw!
But it looks like she is enjoing it
What´s the purpuse of torturing her in that case?!
But I can't do much else.

Stick pins in tits
So and so
Slepping ?
Show younger girls with forced anal rape
She's so fat!
She needs a tit whipping
Now if you could stick the tube somewhere??
Let's fill her up!
I wanna see her pussy!
Love bondage

This is the first I get at 5 in ages!
Too boring
Tits out please
This I like!!
Ready for fun
Nice look
Maybe don't need the tie!
Kyakya! so good!!
Great - Total unrestricted cunt access
Do we need a drill?
Cool . . .
Cock in mouth

Why won't you get rid of this boring schoolbitch?
Where's the pain ?????
Wait... wait .... what is this?! err?!
Very sucky
Tits should be whipped
So and so
Nice girl
I love tied school girls
I would love to shove my hand up her skirt
Grab the hair
But no real pain
Are you still sleeping or dead already?