Poetry by Ray Heinrich:

Ray Heinrich is an ex-Texas technofreak and hippie-socialist
wannabe who writes poems for thrills and attention. Over the
years his work has appeared in many small, insignificant
publications. In real life he repairs computers, has always
been married, loves dogs, and owns a blue fish.

Playing in Traffic

don't you wish you were out in the traffic again?
playing with the fresh steel
rubbing your body
against the new cars
your flesh skin
against their metal skin
it uses you up
so fast
but still
don't you wish you were out in the traffic again?

My Cock

looks a bit silly
like god was playing mr potato head
and the sack beneath it
all wrinkled
like a balloon with the air let out
as sylvia plath whispers:
"turkey neck and turkey gizzards"

but just come over here
and open your shirt
one button at a time
let me imagine
what you'll let me do
and slowly
a male venus rises
in a streamlined curve
just made for dipping into you

Firm Wish

smelling your scent
tracking it
hoping i'll make a sweet meal
for that mouth
between your legs

Like a Dog

like a dog
i smell
the time of month you're in
and like a dog
i want
to lick you

I Want

i want to suck your clit
like a nipple
to listen to you

Talk All Night

after a day at work
after you've maneuvered
and sold and sweat
and made your way in the world
you come back to me

your voice

tells me
what's up
fills me
with what i missed
joins me
to the story and
makes me
want you
with your hair
and your smells
and to bleed all over me

i want you
like adam
i want you
like eve
i want you
from the forest

come over here
let's get close
fuck a little
talk all night


your breasts were just the right size
just the right brown
your breasts were just the right size
for the light

one window away
balanced between
the two parts of a day
our love
but only to us
and they
could always be waiting outside

but not in this room
where two months rent
was more than enough
for eternal love
for your breasts

the right size of my hands
your breasts
that sucked firm in my mouth
and the constant surprise
of your thin sweet milk
as his baby
slept quietly beside us


seeing my mom's underpants
i asked if she was hurt
no, boy
i just do that
it's ok

my first sister
was frightened
when she bled
the second
wrote her name
on the mirror
used my towel

teenage in highschool
no contraceptives
waiting for the first blood
the starting flag
of a few days
to do it like adults

so horny
we forget the tampon
now you pushed the string
up somewhere
gotta find it
damn string

and the sheets
my mom really
must have suspected something
her son doing laundry at 3am
hydrogen peroxide works great
and always use cold water
and sometimes give up and
buy new sheets
but what about the mattress

after all this
it still took years of marriage
to confidently walk
into the supermarket
and distinguish scented(never)
from unscented
to grab the right selection

light flow
light-to-medium flow
medium flow
medium-to-heavy flow
heavy flow the rivers of blood
blood to wash us with new life
blood to wash us clean