Sexual Poetry by Gina Rodriguez


  As he stood in the doorway she asked him if he would undress
He replied, "if I would, would you be impressed.
  She smiled shyly as she nodded her head,
Then decided she'd undress him instead.  
  She pulled the shirt over his muscular arms and over his head,
As she lead him slowly towards the bed.
   She undid his belt notch by notch,
She can see the bulge in his crotch.
  As she unzipped his zipper he whispered
In her ear, "I want you to put your hand here".
  So as she reached down she could feel his heat,
There wasn't a sound just his heartbeat.
  She grabbed gently, then her grip got tighter and tighter,
She couldn't wait to feel him inside her.
  As she slid his pants down she was amazed at the sight,
Every thing was proportioned just right.
  As she slid off his underwear,
He gently stroked her hair.
  As he stood there totally nude,
She played soft music to set the mood.
  He gently unzipped her dress,
To reveal her shapely breast.
  He gently kissed each one,
Then caressed them with his tongue.
  As he laid her down on the bed,
She gently grabbed the back of his head.
  Their lips met and their tongue twirled'
She could feel her toes curl.
  He gently kissed her neck as he worked his way down,
He could feel her heart pound.
  As he penetrated her he could feel her heat,
As she wrapped around him with her feet.
  With ever thrust he made her moan,
She told him she was his alone.
  She could feel her inside getting all wet,
It wasn't long before they broke out in sweat.
  He had almost reached climax when she told him to stop,
He asked why she said she wanted to be on top.
  She placed her hands on his chest and moved up and down,
As he touched her all around.
   She moved faster 'till he couldn't take it any more,
He was going to cum but he wasn't sure
  So he sat up and grabbed her waist,
As she moved back and forth in place.
  He buried his face in her chest,
As he felt the swelling of her breast.
  She knew it was time she was almost done,
She yelled out" I'm going to cum."
  He said ok I'm ready,
So move slower and steady.
  They climax and she says, "well how was it for you,"
He said I don't know about you but I'm not through.
  So he flipped her over on all four,
And said, "ok I'm ready for more.
  She thought to her self "WOW what a man"
As he gently slapped her with his hand.
  It wasn't long before he was done,
But all she could remember was she had fun.