Poems by Melissa Ennis


I have a man with a big dick.
The way the pussy is tight cuz his dick is thick.
I love the way his hair tickles my clit
I love the way you thrust me with your long thick dick
The way your push it deep and hard
To hit my G spot baby and that not hard.
I love to look at that awesome chest
And pull your nibbles while you do the rest
I love thew way you work your hips
With ever inch of that big dick. I 've never had such a delight
With a man who wants to fuck me all night and gets the job done right
He likes the way my juices flow as I slide down his dick and cum more
Then just a little bit.
It 's nice to find a man who is in the same kinky shit
I'm in heaven I will suck and lick his dick any time he would wish
Driving in the car or on a park bench
He is my man now so stay away all you bitches.
I love to spread my legs and watch his dick.
Slide in and out of me when his is finish he is not done for all we
Know the party has just begun.
He know how to satisfied a woman.
When we are in the shower fucking for an hour
He pulls out so he can cum in my face
It makes me want to masturbate
He don't mind he like to watch me move my be hind
As the thoughts of him cumming is on my mind.


Have you ever been with
a man you had to train
To show him how
to work his thing
To go in Deep and hard
or use his Tongue like a string
Why does sex have to be so hard
I have train more then one
But they don't want to have fun
and do little acts
they just want to lay there and relax
I want sex to go all night
But with men you have to put up a fight
To get a five min night
I hear a woman doing the same thing
Why do they think that sex is a game
I love to watch the dick slide in and out
or rub the pink pussy all around
I like to touch myself and move my clit
just a little bit or pinch my nipples as their tongue
rolls down my thigh
Men like it doggie style which I don't
mind if they spank me or pull my hair
in the right time
to show me who is in charge to plunge
there dick in me long and hard
The sweet sensation of
my pussy when it is wet they way
there skin slides just right why don't men
want to go all night
I wish men would not fight
I wish men would think my way
all the time


I would love to have a two way
any boys want to play!
To cum and fuck me every day.
Night and day.
To fill my pink pussy up
and make me want to cum cum cum
Mm baby it is fun
The way you use your tongue
I like your motion
with your long devotion
To make me moan
baby I am yours from
head to toe
Grab my tits
squeeze them hard
come on baby is that all
the man you are
Slap my ass I've been knotty
come on baby lets party
take your hand cuffs slap them on
Come on baby I want to have some fun
I would grab my whip
and spank you just a little bit
To make you say oh baby
please give me more.
I am your little whore.
Oh baby this pussy is yours.


Dicks are great
They make me want to Masturbate
To watch them slide
In and out of my pussy
All night
To wrap my pussy
Around them tight.
To flex my muscles
And cum all night
Dicks make me want to
Fuck all the time.
In the middle of the day
Or the middle of the night
Do you like to feel the
Heat of my pussy the way the
Juices feel so mushy
To aloud me to slide just right
Feeling you dick in my pussy right.
Makes you want to explode in my pussy
All night
To fill me up with your sweet cum
Oh baby were not done
The way your squeeze my big tits
Makes me want to cum again and again.
When I am done my tongue
Is the fun
To lick around your dick
Like a pop sickle stick
To make sure my juices taste good.
I give you a taste of my cum Mm so good.
I can't wait to have you
Explode in my mouth.
I want to suck you baby and
Make you cum right now
The way you pull my head close
Stick you dick down my throat.
No baby I won't choke.
Give it all to me
Show me who is in control
Your moans turn me on
Damn baby it looks like you
have just begun
That all right I love to have fun
And fuck you all night.
Would you like me to bring another
I like to be under cover
To eat her like I eat you
As we share kisses too.
To ride her face as I suck your dick
Baby I am your love slave.
I know you like that kinky stuff
stick your dick in and lets fuck
She can lick my nipples
And nibble just a little
As I fuck you in the middle
Do you like two women my dear
I want you so do not fear. I ride isn't
Over now it is time for you to take over.


Dicks are big
Dicks are small
It doesn't matter
You can suck them all.

Pussy's are warm
Pussy's are tight
In the first of sunlight
The juices flow
Even in the night
When you dick
Is in my Pussy tight

The way your thick dick moves
In and out
It feels so good
I want you to cum in my mouth

As our bodies slide
on one another
you are better then any other..