By: Warren Delamure

Together forever
Under the evening stars
By each other
In each other's arms
We looked at each other's faces
Then we passionately kissed
"Make love to me"
She evilly hissed
So I reached between her legs
And massaged her twat
She whispered between moans
"This is what I have sought"
Then she started to undo my pants
And pulled out my cock
We ripped off our clothes
Shirts, pants, then our socks
I grabbed her head
And pulled it down
"I've never done this"
She sadly frowned
"Just try your best"
I quietly said
She smiled real big
As she proceeded to give me head
After awhile
I began to get bored
So I pulled her up
And nailed her to the floor
I then grabbed her breast
Then licked her nipples
Again her smile shined
From both dimples
I went down further
And began to eat her out
But alas, she didn't like it
And she began to pout
So I climbed on top
And stuck my cock in her cunt
"I like it, I like it"
She moaned very blunt
I grabbed her shoulders
And flipped her around
This majestic feeling
I have finally found
I grabbed my dick
And stuffed it up her ass
I pushed hard
And moved fast
She began to cry for me
But, alas, I was done
So I pulled out my dick
And started to come
By this, she was thrilled
And herself she started to finger
I watched this
But my dick just lingered
So up and down
She jerked my cock off
Till again I came
She tried to swallow, but only coughed
I thanked her anyway
But depressed she became
The only thing I could
"I still love you the same"
To this day, I wonder
What she would say
The fact that I left her
Oh well, she wasn't that good anyway