Poems Christena Knight

I am your Angel

I look like an Angel
So I have been told,
And I need a Master
To fulfill my soul.
To be whipped, tied up
To become a slave
Are the things I yearn to do
Hurry ... 'cuz I need to be saved.

My nipples are hard
My pussy is wet
I want them pulled
Clamped and played with
These are the things
I really need to get.

I have no Master
I have never been a slave
Please someone teach me
Please someone punish me
Please take me to your cave.

Tell me what you want
Tell me how you need
I will obey your command
Take the slave's position
On my knees ... Sir!
Is where I wish to be.

I will not make a sound
I only want to satisfy
You can spank me
You may pull my hair
You will hear
Neither a whimper nor a cry.

Do you think you can train me?
Can you tell me your desires?
Are you man or woman enough
To please my desire and calm my fire?