Poems by Danielle Alana

Pavlov's Mistress

Like Pavlov's mistress, I salivate
At the chatter of a handcuff chain
Liberating as the shop shift bell
At the end of a factory week.
As safe in my surrender
As in the unconditional womb
Afloat in the amnio-sea 
Of your free will
Languid and at ease, I'll be 
Exactly what you tell me
And nothing more
Irresponsible as a newborn kitten 
With its eyes gummed shut.
Two hours in a blindfold
Like a vacation at the beach.
No phones 
No friends
No fights 
No rights 
No responsibilities
No obligations
Just command 
And compliance
And the certain comfort 
Of a foregone conclusion
Doors locked 
Blinds drawn 
Wrists tied 
And you can find you own damn ride
For once
Mama's off the clock
Come on, tough guy
I dare you
Yank my chain.


  Dead Nude Girls
The neon promised
 Live  Nude  Girls
Stand outside and think
Consider the alternative.


A Howl and A Prayer

For mercy's sake, it should be impossible
To want a man so much, and for so long
And not to die of it.

I want you constantly, systemically
Like the desert wants rain  
Like the body craves its trace of retinol
A drop each year to keep from going blind.

Images erupt before my eyes in infinite succession
Like the sky spawns stars between dusk and dark
A panoply of such surpassing beauty
The earth at sunrise envies the fall of night.

I want your hands on me, your weight on me
To read the braille of you, skin to skin
To feel  the breath heave in your chest 
Hard enough to crack a rib
And the spasm shiver your thighs 
While the fine sweat velvets your skin.

You burn in my blood like malaria
Each fever comes and goes
But the disease itself
I fear, may be incurable.

Invalid, I lay in your open hands
Blind-eyed, impatient, to heal or fail
To rise to your light and see 
Or face the long, dark, shuddering fall.



The small, hard hoop
Through her labia

...  ._  ..._  .    _ _  .   

Taps messages 
In Morse
Aganst the vibrator

_..  ._ .  _ _ _   ._ _   _ .    _ _  .

Like a tiny lifering
In a sea of red desire

.. _ _    _..  _._ _  ..  _.   _ _ .

Helpless and alone, 
The wave
Overwhelms her at its leisure

..  _ _    ._  ._..  ..  ..._  . 

*Morse translation:  "Save me, Drown me, I'm Dying, I'm Alive"


	---  Qui voit seulement avec les yeux, celui ne voit rien.

		(Who looks only with his eyes sees nothing.)