Poems by Danielle Alana

Understand this!

I told you to rape me,
didn't I?
I told you to fuck it any which way,
didn't I?
I told you I was your own personal slut,
didn't I?
Can you not remember that?

I asked you for your dick
up my ass,
didn't I?
I asked you for all your cum
down my throat,
didn't I?
I asked you to bite my
nipples fuckin' hard,
didn't I?
Don't you remember that?

I begged for your power,
the chains, the ropes,
didn't I?
I licked her cunt wildly,
while she sucked your dick,
didn't I?
Didn't I?
How come you forget these things?

Remember 96 at the concert?
I knelt down, I obeyed!
Remember 97 in your step-mom's bed?
I tied you to her bed posts, and fucked myself with her vibrator!
Remember 98?
I fuck you whenever, wherever, however.
Always like you want it.

Now it's your turn.
You will obey.
Bend over and take this strap-on dick,
like the man that you are.
first I want you to suck it.

That's it baby.  I'll remember this.

Eat, eat, eat it!

Your softness drives me insane,
I recieve pleasure just by your sight.
Your long flowing hair, your sparkling eyes, that perfect glistening
I am your woman, you are my lady,
may I taste now?
I promise to suck and bite, just right.
I am here to  please your pussy, your mind, your body.
Taste mine if you'd like, but I much rather swim in your juice,
lap and lap and lap, and slurp.
I need to feed, baby, love, gorgeous godess, may I feed now?
I need this.  You need tongue, look at you.
Your eyes are rolling in your head as I beg you.
You want this.  You keep inserting your finger, wishing it was my
I will have you for all my eating needs.
Just let me taste.
Let me feed.
I need your softness.
My mouth is watering.
My salvia is dripping.
Let me eat.
Thank you.
I knew I could make you beg me.  
You want more huh baby?  More?
Don't worry your pretty little head, 
I shall give you more, so much
more, you'll never want to go back to him.

Camping Couns

I was sweet, devilsih, childlike.
You were sexy, ladylike, older.
I was masterbating at night in my bunk, 
With the thought of you eating me.
You were pumping that cock in, thinking of me
Licking like a wild whore.
I was teasing you, knowing exactly what to do,
A women's intuition.
You were wet all day long, watching my antics.
I bent over the railing, you bumped into me by accident.
Or was it on
I jumped into the lake, without a bra, 
You gave towels to all the rest
of the girls, except me....whoops, 
Sorry hon, we are all out....or were
I sat on the fence, moving my hips like a slow, 
Good fuck, you couldn't
stop watching me.....
Or were you looking at something behind me....I
didn't think so.
I pretended to have poison ivy down my pants, 
Just so I could quickly
finger myself in front of you, 
You smiled when I did that.
I snuck over to your quarters, 
You left the door unlocked, 
You knew I
would cum sooner of later.
I'm here now, let's see how good you can lick it.
I won't tell.  
I won't tell.  
Just show me how you have been wanting me all for yourself,
Show me the tongue.


When I see you, I think of your cock hard up inside me.
When I smell you, 
I think of my mouth licking
And kissing every part of your masculine body.
When you touch me, 

I think of how those hands have stroked that long
hard dick everynight before you meant me.
When you kiss me, 

I taste the cum I made you try on your lips.
When you walk by, just walk by, 
I can see you nude, your manhood hangingfar between your legs.

When you bend over, 
I wish I had a dick to stick way up inside your perfect ass.
When you smile, I see my clit reflecting off your teeth.

When I fuck myself in the shower, 
I swallow your pubic hairs from the bar of soap you just used.

When I say a quick hello on the phone to you, 
I need to change my panties, your voice like a fuck angel.

When you sleep, 
All I want to do is watch the flawless creature next to me, 
Just watch and think of all your power and hardness.

You are a god to me.  

Did I deserve you?